Add Account Troubleshooting Options

What if my attempt to Link my account fails?

1.) Follow all and any instructions provided to you from within the dashboard. There is an alert ribbon that will keep you updated on when the account has successfully linked, unsuccessfully linked, or when additional steps need to be taken to complete the link. For example, security questions do not always populate immediately. The ribbon and your Activity Feed will inform you when those questions are ready to be answered. Always look to the ribbon for additional assistance when linking an account.


2.) It’s always a best practice to double-check that the username and password and/or security answers at the originating website you use to login to are correct. Many times users enter the wrong username, password, and/or security answers when adding their accounts to the dashboard. Enter this information at the originating site to ensure you are entering them correctly within your dashboard.


3.) Make sure the option you selected in your dashboard matches the one you use to login to when not in the dashboard. Your dashboard will present many options for even one institution. Always make sure the URL associated with the option you selected matches the one you use when outside the dashboard. However, periodically, the URL may look different than yours. That being said, it's always a good practice to actually click the URL in your dashboard to see if it looks like the one you use to login to.


4.) Some sites require you to go to your Settings or Permissions at the institution's websites to authorize your accounts to link to your dashboard. If adding your accounts fails, it’s always a best practice to check the Settings area of your account site to ensure it is configured to allow external sites to share your account data with your dashboard.

5.) Contact our support team. We have a dedicated team ready to service you when the above steps are attempted with no success. Click here to submit a support request.

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