Net Worth Dashboard

Dashboard Views

After you have added accounts, they are presented to you in dashboards that represent important aspects of your financial life, including net worth, investments, goals, and cashflow. Watch the below video for a brief introduction.

Net Worth

Net worth measures your assets minus your liabilities. This dashboard will show you which of your accounts are assets and which are liabilities. If you do not have any accounts listed, use the Add Financial button in the upper right hand menu bar or the + Add Accounts button toward the bottom of the page. The History chart will display your overall net worth performance over time. Use the date range tools under the chart to isolate particular areas of time to see how your net worth performed. At the bottom of the page you can toggle over to see which sub categories of assets and liabilities your accounts fall under. Click on the triangle shaped button to expand on the sub category to see which accounts are classified in that sub type. Asset accounts can be classified as cash, property, or investments. Liabilities can be classified as credit cards or loans. Each account will show the account name, the account type, today’s balance, and the day change. Day change represents the amount each account has changed in value and percentage day by day. To the right of the day change you may see possible action item to transfer the account to your adviser to managed.


Your total net worth is a valuable way for your financial professional to see what property you own and the amount of debt you have. By knowing these facts, your financial professional can make customized recommendations suited to your situation.

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