Investment Dashboard

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After you have added accounts, they are presented to you in dashboards that represent important aspects of your financial life, including net worth, investments, goals, and cashflow. Watch the below video for a brief introduction.

Investment Dashboard

The Investments Dashboard will show you how many investment accounts you have, the total balance for all of your investments, and the combined day change value and percentage for your investment accounts. Day change indicates the total percentage and amount your investment accounts went up or down from one market day to the next. Your dashboard provides you the most up-to-date possible. Typically, you will see the previous market day’s closing value the day you login to view your investment activity. In other words, when you login on a Tuesday morning, you are typically viewing Monday’s closing information. The Asset Allocation chart provides a global breakdown of what asset classes all of your investment portfolios fall into. This breakdown will allow you and your financial professional to understand your overall investment picture and the type of assets your money is invested in, helping your financial professional see if your assets are invested to their recommendation. The Investment Performance chart will display your overall investment performance over time. Use the date range tools under the chart to isolate particular areas of time to see how your investments performed. The very bottom of the page shows each account individually.


Not only will you see any investment accounts your financial professional manages, but also any investment accounts you added with the Add Financial feature. You can add more by pressing the + Add Account button. You can see each individual investment account balances and day change. If you click the triangle shaped button you can expand to see the holdings that make up your investment account including the holding names, symbols, amount of shares, value of combined shares, and the day change for each holding. To the right of the day change you will see action items. Any held-away investment accounts you aggregated will have a icon with two intersecting arrows that takes you to the account transfer workflow. What this feature allows is you the ability to transfer the account to your financial professional to managed. 

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