Insurance Dashboard

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After you have added accounts, they are presented to you in dashboards that represent important aspects of your financial life, including net worth, investments, goals, and cashflow. Watch the below video for a breath introduction.

Insurance Dashboard

The Insurance Dashboard is where all your insurance policies are tracked. The Overview tile gives you a summary of how many insurance policies you have among life, long term care, and long term disability. When you click the policies, you can see the specific information of each category. If there are no policies you can use the + Add Insurance button to add insurance policies. The Coverage chart shows the amount of life insurance you need versus what you have. Projecting life insurance need helps you plan for the “just in case.” What if you were to unexpectedly pass away? Would your family have enough to get by without your provided income? The life insurance goal calculates the amount your family would need for your annual income to be replaced in the event that you unexpectedly aren’t able to provide that income from your current age to the age you plan to retire. For example, if you are 40 today, have a retirement goal for 50, and you make $85,000 annually, the insurance goal calculates how much you need to replace $85,000 annually over the next ten years. The age your client or prospect sets for their retirement goal in their dashboard is used for the retirement age in the insurance goal. If your client or prospect has not set a retirement goal in their dashboard, the end date defaults to 60. All life insurance policies added to your profile apply toward the have amount displayed in the chart.


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