Open & Transfer Accounts

Open & Transfer Accounts to Your Advisors 

Another option you have within your dashboard is to open or transfer an account with your adviser. You will see the Open Account option on the + Add Accounts page. You will see the option to transfer an account next to any investment accounts within the dashboard that you added with the Link Your Account option that qualify for transfer.


Risk tolerance is the degree of variability in investment returns that you, an investor, is willing to withstand. When you open open or transfer an account, you will have either already answered risk tolerance level questions while filling out your profile settings, or you will answer them during the account opening or transfer process.

The portfolio or the option of portfolios you are matched to match your risk tolerance level. You can pick a portfolio yourself or leave it to your advisor. You will also be asked to fill out and sign a series of paperwork to complete this process. Watch the below video to learn what both processes entail.

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