Activity Feed & System Notifications

Activity Feed & System Notifications

The feed of activity is important for you to see and track what is happening in your dashboard, creating a level of transparency that gives you the confidence that your financial future is secure. Activity Feed notifications are interactions that have taken place within your dashboard. If you add a document to your vault, then you will see a notification saying the name of the document and where you placed it in your vault. If you added a goal or financial, then you will see notifications indicating such.

More importantly, if your financial professional takes action, you will be notified here. For example, if your financial professional adds a document to your vault, you will be notified. You will be able to click the alert and review the document. Your financial professional may even need you to sign a document. Clicking the notification of this request will prompt you to sign, allowing an ease of service other financial professionals may not be able to provide. Perhaps your financial professionals updated one of your goals or financials or added a new one altogether. You will be notified here. You can click the notification to review the change. Other key notifications also include when your financial professional messages you or updates your Profile Settings. The Activity Feed is a useful place to start your day when logging into your dashboard.


System notifications are activity notifications that are related to your account activity. These sort of notification provide you a constant and automatic stream of important and relevant information of the activity happening in your accounts, keeping you informed of your account activity in real time and at all times.  If you have a large deposit (deposit 3% or more of your income) within an account, a notification will appear here. If a large purchase (purchase 3% or more of your income) is made within your checking account, a notification will appear here. Other system notifications include: new balance alerts every Monday for checking, savings, and money market accounts, first day of the month cash flow summary, monthly performance change of investment account balances (as well as quarterly and annually summaries), and when a trade within an investment account has been processed and completed. You will also be notified if there are any errors with the connection between your linked financial accounts and your dashboard. Visit the Accounts page to either refresh the account by pressing the spinner or reconnect the account altogether by pressing the gear button to re-enter the credentials.

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